How to choose disposable protective gloves: latex gloves VS nitrile gloves
Issuing time:2023-08-24
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Currently disposable protective gloves not only in the medical, electronics, laboratory applications such as high rate, in all aspects of production and life, disposable gloves penetration is also rising. Currently, the market disposable gloves latex gloves, PE gloves, PVC gloves and nitrile gloves based. Wherein the disposable protective gloves mainly latex gloves and nitrile gloves mainly, but its use is divided into different functional protective disposable surgical gloves and examination gloves. 
   In recent years, the global market due to the disposable protective gloves economies, high unemployment, unsatisfactory economic growth, emerging economies facing inflationary pressures and economic slowdown, and many other problems caused by the complicated situation. In 2014, a major importer of many disposable protective gloves appear disposable protective surgical gloves and examination gloves disposable protective import both decreased health Meanwhile, China's manufacturing industry is facing disposable gloves purchase of raw materials, labor costs, market development and changing needs of a wide range of challenges.
    Currently, the world's disposable protective gloves before three exporting countries were Malaysia, Thailand and China. The common feature three countries are able to provide natural rubber, and there is a certain economic, technological and manufacturing standards. Among them, thanks to Malaysia is an important producer of natural rubber as well as removal of plant protein technology widely used to form an annual output of 40 billion pairs of disposable gloves abilities, emerged as the world's largest disposable protective glove producer and exporter.
   US, EU and Japan and other developed economy, high levels of national health care, environmental protection requirements and affected by cost pressures, the basic national or regional basically no disposable protective gloves production lines, and thus become an important import disposable protective glove market. And in recent years to improve the health requirements of the glove quality requirements are also increasing, because the latex gloves could easily lead to skin allergies, factors causing harm to patients and health care workers, these countries increasingly tend to use nitrile gloves.
   Plus latex gloves mainly from the Hevea natural latex juice stabilizers and catalysts made through a particular process. Latex gloves, wear resistance, puncture resistance, resistance to acid, oil and other properties, has a wide range of anti-aging properties, but because it contains fibrinogen easy to engender allergies and dermatitis, can cause medical disputes and even lead to major medical malpractice, Therefore, disposable latex gloves in the market in recent years continue to decline.
     Natural latex gloves nitrile gloves are the ideal alternative, a nitrile rubber, synthetic made from acrylonitrile and butadiene. Nitrile gloves latex gloves have excellent characteristics such as good tear, anti-puncture, anti-friction properties, chemical resistance, etc., it is worth mentioning that the nitrile gloves are unlikely to cause skin allergy, so medical the use of more appropriate services.
   Foreign disposable protective nitrile gloves more well-known brands, Kimberly-Clark, Ansell, AClean, etc., with natural latex prices continue to rise, leading to rising costs, as well as countries develop and validate the higher environmental standards will inevitably lead substitute latex gloves nitrile gloves accelerate the pace.

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